Develop better algorithm for choosing Sprint projects

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Keith Myers
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Develop better algorithm for choosing Sprint projects

Post by Keith Myers »

The fiasco of this latest Sprint contest with Asteroids points out that projects that do not have enough WU's to last through the contest length shouldn't be put into the selection pool.

All it takes is to look at the peridicity of work availability using the Grafana graphing tool to see that the Asteroids project was at the bottom of its work availability cycle and it was going to run out of work after the first day of the contest. ... -6M&to=now

I think that work availability for the duration of the contest should be a selection criteria. Or just run the Sprint for a shorter length of time to stay within the work availability limit of the selected project.

The arbitrary use of existing real international competitions to sync with the Sprint is a detriment since you can't start a Sprint at the logical time where work will be available for the duration of the Sprint.
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Re: Develop better algorithm for choosing Sprint projects

Post by boincadmin »

Who is going to code that?
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Re: Develop better algorithm for choosing Sprint projects

Post by rilian »

The NumberFields@home project was just used for Pentathlon competition 2 weeks ago.

I understand that it is hard to pick active project but to make Boinc Games attractive for new crunchers there must be something new. Also it is sad to see that 99% of projects are just numbers crunching.

Also as a separate topic, it would be great to count team scores from team pages, not from registered participants. It is very hard to convince people to do this lengthy registration
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Re: Develop better algorithm for choosing Sprint projects

Post by Skillz »

The projects for the sprints are selected completely random. No human input at all.

Sadly most of the projects that can handle a sprint are math projects. Until more projects become available that can support a sudden load that a sprint can handle we're severely limited.

The difficult part about registration is just verifying your CPID. The rest should be pretty easy. If I knew of a better and faster way to verify your CPID then I'd talk with the development team about implementing it, but I don't know of any. Open to suggestions.

Individual registration is required; this is to prevent "pool" type users from counting towards the competition here which is frowned upon. It also prevents people from team switching during the event to different teams as this can be abused.
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