Site not responding 504 gateway error

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Site not responding 504 gateway error

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I am not sure what is causing this. I only know that mysqld process runs up to over 1000% load and the site stops responding. If I kill/restart the mysqld service then the site works again for a little while before it goes back to the same thing.

The development team doesn't work on the weekends so it will have to be addressed Monday.

I do not think it effects the Sprint as the stats pulling happens on the server and the server itself is still responsive despite the heavy load on mysqld.

However, since it is a database issue I suspect when the site does stop responding/working due to mysqld then the stats will cease to update during that period. Not 100%, but I will keep an eye on it as frequently as I can to restart the mysqld process so the Test can continue.

So far, the stats are looking like they're supposed to. So I believe the development team has resolved that issue.
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