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Page Not Working Error

Post by boincadmin »

We are aware the forums throws a Page Not Working error when you submit a post. The post still goes through, but you're not redirected correctly to the new post. We believe it's because of the new PHP version on the new server.

As of right now, the new server is running the site. Mostly everything looks good and works, but somethings we are still working on.

One of those things is turning the old server into a development server so we can fix issues and test new features before moving them to the live site. The new server was reinstalled last night and I am not installing all the software on the server to match the production server as much as possible. I should hopefully be done with this by today.

So we can begin rolling out some of the new things we have fixed (I keep saying we, mostly KenG6 and freepizzas are the ones doing the work)

If you see any issues please report them here so one of them can take a look at it.

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Re: Page Not Working Error

Post by Skillz »

This has been fixed on our development server. We will push the update probably sometime late tonight.
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