Stretch Run 2022

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Stretch Run 2022

Post by SystemViper »

Just want to wish everyone a great end to 2022.

@Skillz awesome work with the site.

Best of luck to everyone and every team, stretch run trying to stay in the top 10 with indy points plus do weii for our team.

Exciting year and really looking forward to 1984 oops I mean 2023 :D

All the best to everyone and their families, may the new year bring better times
and special shout out to Ukraine, what a resilient, strong and unified people our support is with you always.

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Re: Stretch Run 2022

Post by Skillz »

Thank you SV,

2023 will be the first true trial run for BOINC Games. I am hoping for no more hiccups along the way. I still got a few sorting orders to work out on the ranking pages, but I need to see what happens at the end of the year before I get the development team to fix it. That way they can fix it all at once. (I hope.)
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