Marathons: Team missing in several Projects

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Marathons: Team missing in several Projects

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we are the new team NoTEAM.

Regarding Marathons: Our Team is missing in several Projects, for example:

Latin Squares
Private GFN Server

You can check against BOINCStats and see, that we are crunching and making credits there

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Re: Marathons: Team missing in several Projects

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I have let the development team know.

This is an issue we have been aware of and we're working on a permanent fix so this doesn't happen in the future.

I think they can quickly get your team fixed though.
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Re: Marathons: Team missing in several Projects

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Hey YETI, KenG6 made a temporary fix to this problem until we figure out a more permanent solution. Or maybe the temp fix will remain; I mean if it keeps working then why not, right?

However, while we were doing this we've noticed you haven't created a team on some projects such as World Community Grid where you're crunching for [no team] and I don't mean your team's name. I mean, your team affiliation for WCG is blank.
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