# BOINC Synergy

Team Members

Position Member Name Total BG Points Join Date CPID CPID Validated? Free-DC BOINCStats
1 Contact 27075 12th Jun 22 50748b0b73e4ff6507a3b9cd34038157 Yes Free-DC BOINCStats
2 ComicalEng 2714.1 24th Jul 22 3b219679a722603171772908e8962d2d Yes Free-DC BOINCStats

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How to confirm your CPID

Each participant is required to register first in order to participate in BOINC games. Registration is simple:1. Visit the registration site:https://www.boincgames.com/register.php2. Enter your BOINC Games personal account information: username, email, password and CPID The CPID (Cross Project Identification/Identifier) can be obtained via visiting Free-DC stat site https://stats.free-dc.org/stats.php?page=index if you already participated in any of the… Continue reading How to confirm your CPID

03 Oct 2021, 17:22:41 UTC